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Made for the Australia Southern waters
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Coming Soon 2022

Over the years, Venture Heat has pioneered much of the Wearable Heating Technology that is now seen as industry standard. It is our goal to continue to be the most trusted brand in the business. We design everything we make from the ground up, and that means zero compromises in quality and safety. 

since 2003 now in Australia

We operate with a simple philosophy: to create responsibly made products that are unrivalled in price, quality, and workmanship. That's why we design everything we make and never stop innovating. Our customers know and trust us to provide products that will allow pain-free, comfortable, and enriched lifestyles.

We will continue to keep your adventures going.

Experienced divers who know their way around the ocean demand professional grade equipment to keep them safe. The PRO Heated Undersuit is the ideal choice when heating performance of the undersuit matters in the coldest water. It can be fitted underneath a dry-suit or a wetsuit for critical warmth. 


The whole system is fully submersible with 100M waterproof rating.

Armed with two heat panels provides 40 watts of high output warmth to the user’s torso. Powered from the two 5200mah lithium batteries that can be activated by pressing the button on the wireless wrist remote. Incorporated into the undersuit is a haptic status receiver that sends feedback to the user via pulses regarding the heat levels, which works well even obscured vision while underwater.

The PRO Heated Undersuit is the companion designed for even serious divers everywhere.
This is a must-have this winter!

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