After many years of building the TQS name for someone else we have decided to start our own Scuba Techician training program. Their is no one else in the industry with the unique insight to how dive gear functions, is designed or maintained. Courses and program details are below.

Air Fill Panel Operator

Minimum 1

1 day

$495 pp

This is the most important safety course any shop staff member can participate, combining safety and important knowledge about high cylinders and compressors.

No previous experience is necessary, however you must be over 18 years of age.

We will cover:


  • Safety and Standards

  • Gases for Diving

  • Air Quality

  • Filling Equipment

  • Cylinders

  • Air Filling Procedures

  • Practical Training

  • Filling & Review


This a 1 day course and all safety equipment and training guides will be provided. Please note this course is for AIR filling and not blending mixed gas.


If you have any questions please feel free Enquire Now

Program 1 Air Technician

Minimum 1

up to 8 days


The Program 1 Air Technician runs for 8 full time days and we will cover Regs, BC’s, Gauges and Tanks valves. This course is designed to deliver the very best training and this is why its a one on one course. It can be for 2 students, however they should be from the same business. We deal with equipment that has:

  • Real salt

  • Real rust 

  • Real issues


After 25 years of teaching within the dive industry and working for Scubapro, Poseidon and Tusa, we are well positioned to deliver the proper methods of servicing for all recreational equipment. 


During this course we will cover:


•             Safety in the workshop and workplace

•             The Qualification Structure

•             Insurance 

•             Working Principles of Regulators

•             Gauges and BC Jackets

•             Cylinder Valves

•             Workshop Requirements

•             Service Reports

•             Pre-testing and Inspections

•             Disassembly Techniques  

•             Cleaning

•             Assembly Procedures

•             Tuning and Final Testing

•             Finishing with an evaluation


Along the way you will also be certified as Fill Panel Station Operator. (if you don’t have a panel ticket it is required during my course).  This course will attractively add an impressive scope to your diving CV, IDC training or of you are simply trying to learn about regs, this will help any future employment opportunities.


This course is no one day seminar, it’s 25+ years of experience rolled into 8 days, it is designed to create a safe technician.


If you have any questions please feel free enquire now. 

Program 2 Oxygen Technician

Minimum 1

3 days


To be accepted for this course you must have a minimum of 50 certification under your belt and hold a number of current seminar certificates from leading manufacturers. The course is designed to help the technician understand the additional work and safety required to service oxygen approved products such:

  • First Stage Regulators

  • Tanks valves

  • Gauges

  • Cylinders.

During the course we will cover a number of important topics such as:

  • Safety

  • Handling Oxygen

  • Cleaning techniques

  • Setting up a workshop are to safety conduct the service work.

Its is also a prerequisite that the student is a certified Advanced Gas Blender.

If you have any questions please feel free enquire now. 

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