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Servicing Recreational, Commercial and Military

dive equipment


First Stage Service and Training is a one stop service shop, for recreational divers right through to commercial and military organisations. We specialise in being about to do what the others can't. 

Why find out why so many of the manufacturers only trust First Stage to service their gear. With over 20 years of experience in servicing the dive industry First Stage has the right solution for you. 


We service all brands including;
  • Apollo
  • Mares

  • Halcyon

  • Cressi

  • Aqualung

  • Spare Air

  • TUSA

  • Land and Sea

  • Sherwood

  • Faber
  • Scubapro

  • Suunto

  • Santi

  • Apeks

  • Poseidon

  • Boss

  • HOG

  • Ocean Design

  • SeaHornet
  • Neptune

  • OTS

  • Interspiro

  • Ocean Reef

  • Bauer

  • Catalina

  • Luxfer

  • and many more...


When it comes to life support equipment we are vert focused on how service your gear. whether its a brand new Drysuit or a 20 year old dive computer , the attention to detail is the same. 

We have a policy for our turn around, its a question we get asked all the time. Our first aim is always;


what's comes in this week

goes out this week.


From the minute your equipment arrives in the workshop its being cared for as if it as our own gear. Each job is allocated a tracking number, this gives us the ability to track our own efficiency over time and indicates how we can improve. 


The job is then delivered the appropriate workshop area to begin the assessment of what is required. Parts are purchased and the work begins. 

Most jobs require detailed disassembly, methodical cleaning and meticulous assembly. Some gear will need fine tuning, leak checking or pressure testing. 

All gear is serviced and tuned to meet the original factory settings. Its our job to make your gear perfect.


Once the jobs and been completed and re-tested, regulators are sanitised, heat sealed, Drysuits are boxed, and service reports added to the job.



Most service companies offer a standard 1-3 month warranty of workmanship. in some cases its just not enough. a average warranty can mean an average repair.

At First Stage Service and Training we offer a

full 12 month workmanship warranty

This piece of mind warranty is based on our experience and our dedication to our trade. The First Stage team are always attending manufacturers seminars, purchasing the right tools and consult with other professionals to gain and keep the best knowledge.


Some of the equipment required to test and tune scuba gear is expensive, while other pieces are custom made to deliver the best results.


Another policy we have which is unique to First Stage, if the piece of equipment fails or can not be repaired such as scuba cylinder we don't charge at all. 

All quotes are free, drop in today and ask how we can help you breath better. 

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