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Bauer HP Compressors
Poseidon Edition


When you think breathing air...THINK BAUER

Confidence should be the touchstone when buying a breathing air compressor system. Pure breathing air is essential. The last thing you want to be concerned about is the quality of the air you are breathing.


Our leading design technology, coupled with stringent quality control, produces unsurpassed portable and stationary breathing air compressor systems that have been tested for safety and reliability. You can be confident each breath of air is the purest.

BAUER POSEIDON EDITION breathing air compressors provide an outstanding price/performance ratio and excellent quality.

The POSEIDON EDITION series was designed for straightforward, easy operation and combines proven BAUER core components with rugged, simple housing.

They naturally feature BAUER’s hallmark durability, high safety levels and pure breathing air quality in com- pliance with international standards.


Ruggedness, reliability, a wide range of applications and compact portability are all features of the PE 100.


Its range of applications is virtually unlimited. Available in three drive types with petrol engine, three-phase or single-phase AC motor, it is ideal for many uses, such as a breathing air compressor for diving groups or fire fighters or for rapid filling of cartridges for sports shooting or paintball cylinders.


The PE 100-TW sports shooting version has a non-bleed filling valve including adapter for filling cartridges and was designed specifically for sports shooting applications.

PE100 Single Phase Electric
PE100 Petrol
PE100 3 Phase Electric

In the version with petrol engine, the PE 100 can be operated without an external power source in even the most remote locations. In the single-phase AC motor version, it can be powered from a household power supply.

  • 100 l/min

  • 225 or 330 bar

  • 2.2 kW (4.2 kW petrol version)

  • Available with three-phase motor, single-phase AC motor or petrol engine

  • Compact, low-weight system, easily transportable

  • The P 11 purification system designed especially for the PE 100 supplies pure breathing air in compliance with DIN EN 12021:20141

  • Many possible applications



PE200 3 Phase Electric
PE200 Petrol
PE250 3 Phase Electric
PE250 Petrol
PE300 3 Phase Electric

PE-TE/TB series is designed for high FAD volumes up to 300 l/min in mobile use, and is available with a choice of electric or petrol drive. The systems are thus suitable for private use and commercial filling station operations. With compact design and functional carry frame, these compressors are easy to transport and stow in vehicles.

Their integrated oil pump enables them to be operated at inclinations of up to 15 degrees, so that this series is particularly suitable for shipping applications.

Also included is the BAUER P 21 Purification System (P 31 with PE 250-TB and PE 300-TB). This sophisticated air purification system with integrated oil and water separator and pressuriser valve reliably prevents users from inhaling air impurities1 and provides effective protection from icing up when cartridges are changed regularly.

  • 200 - 300 l/min

  • 225 or 330 bar

  • 4 – 7.5 kW (8.8 kW petrol version)

  • High FAD, yet low in weight and easy to transport

  • Ideal for marine use, with interstage and afterstage cooler in stainless steel. Highly corrosion-resistant

  • Optionally available with user-friendly ultra-rugged B-TIMER mini-computer for filter cartridge monitorin

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