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First Stage has dedicated anti-static room well equipped with all original SUUNTO service tools, our technicians are factory trained and updated every year in a level 3 facility.

Our technicians have a long history diving with SUUNTO computers and known the ins and outs well. We test every computer in a special dry pressure chamber before diving each computer. We test for function and safety and depending on the computer we can fix almost any issue.


First Stage is one the only Service centre on the East Coast of Australia that can service SUUNTO Sports and performance watches


Whats Level 2? 

SUUNTO worldwide servicing is divided into 3 levels and have two categories, Diving Computers and Sports based adventure watches.

Level 1 Service centres deal with Strap replacements and some Batteries, dive centres normal don't handle sports watches.

Level 2 Service centres are factory trained technicians, trained to do almost all Level 3 tasks except major software upgrades, new products and calibrations.The workshops are well equipped with original tooling and have dedicated anti-static areas and deep pressure chambers. 


Level 3 Service centre are owned by SUUNTO and are fully function Factory equipped workshshop.

To book a free pick up service now 

Our Process

To have your computer or watch serviced by First Stage is an easy process, simply follow this links and book a FREE DHL Pick up or drop by to our Rydalmere Workshop. once we have your watch we will service are contact you for payment. All servicing is backed by a 3 months workshop warranty.

If you are claiming a warranty for a fault please refer to the SUUNTO warranty policy and send your watch to us with a copy of your original receipt.



Q:Are all computers and watches serviced in Australia? A: No, some need to be send to a Level 3 centre. The online system will choose the best place for your watch.

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