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First Stage Service and Training hold a current Australian Gas Cylinder Test Station Certificate Number 816. Each year they are audited for compliance by Global-Mark.  First Stage Service and Training are certified for Seamless, Composite, Welded and Brazed Cylinders.

FREE Valve Service
During every service First Stage is required to Visually inspective not only the exterior but also the interior. This means the cylinder needs to be drained safely and the valve removed. Its a policy of First Stage to service your valve while separated for a number of reasons. Firstly its a just good practice to service the whole tank not just the cylinder. many faults can be found including worn out o-rings and seats. This prevents leaks and maintains a safe valve. Secondly the Tank valve is holding back unto 300 bar and should be cleaned annual. So to ensure its done right every year - its done for FREE while you cylinder is being tested.
Oxygen Cleaning
Not all cylinders and valve can be prepared for use with 100% oxygen, thats why we service your valve and tank the manufacturers specifications. Be sure to ask you are not sure. 


If your cylinder and valve are certified to be cleaned using approved oxygen degreasers and drying agents. Each parts is carefully inspected for hydrocarbons and debris that may cause and ignition source. 

Once cleaned the cylinders are filled with the requested mix using medical oxygen and Clean-Air.  The cylinders and labeled and ready for use.

This clean is required annually in Australia.

      Australian Regulations
First Stage is required to comply for a number of regulations for;
  • AS 2030.1 Gas Cylinders

  • AS 2030.5 Gas Cylinder Test Station

  • AS 2337.1 GCTS Ifor Cylinders

  • AS 3848.2 Filling of Scuba Cylinders

  • AS 2299.1 Breathing Grade Air plus

  • Master Gauge Accuracy 

  • Test Scales Accuracy

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