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Annual Service 


Like all other Scuba gear Drysuits need to be serviced, but while regulators are serviced annual drysuits normally don't get cared for until something leaks or a seal breaks.


Even if your suit isn't leaking why not get it serviced especially if the service is free.


As a SANTI Stay Dry Club member the annual pressure test is free once per year for the first 5 years.


All other repairs are discounted and priority is given to club members . To register your new SANTI Drysuit just follow this link.  

What We Can Do


Our Technicians have been fully trained at the SANTI headquarters  however some repairs are just better done in the factory with the factory equipment. 


We can pressure test the suits including suits with Neoprene, Latex or Si-Tech silicone Necks seals, we can repair all punchers and small tears.  Boot charges, new zips and smart seal repairs are also easy for us to do.


If you need a Pee valve installed we can do that all well.  Anything else just ask and we will always try and complete the work in Australia. 

Our Process


Complete the online request form and make sure your suit has been registered with SANTI Staydry club.

Then print 2 copies of the online request and keep one copy. Box up your suit and send it to our workshop. 


Once received we'll allocate  the job to be completed as soon as possible. We can also quote you if you wish. The suit will be pressure tested after the repair

 and any additional leaks found and sealed. 

The suit will then be invoiced and returned to you via a courier. We can also arrange collection if required.

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